completed projects

The Blue Caffè
Designed for Blue Caffè franchise. Initial concept was to come up with a completely original abstract design for the companies brand logo. The logo visually combines elements of a steaming coffee cup and the initials of Blue Caffè into one harmonious intertwined design.

Gillian Gheorghiu
The following work is a logo designed for Gillian Gheorghiu. Gillian Gheorghiu is a fashion designer located in Cluj. Through our consultation time with Gillian Gheorghiu a visual profile was created that reflected their own inspirations and preferences. The logo uses a geisha type of look to reflect Gillian's own style for korean inspired motifs.The long dress is a reflection of Gillian Gheorghiu fashion collection that predominately favours longer dresses.

Griffin World Limited
Designed for the company Griffin World Limited. Concept was to design a logo that reflected different elements of the company into a unitary design. The initials of the business were structured to represent the form of a Griffin encompassing a globe.

Listen Fundraising
Designed as part of ongoing work for the Listen Fundraising company based in London. The 'Redgends' logo in many aspects was a reflection of the Listen Red Team it represented, being a team of elite fundraisers required a logo that inspired greatness or a evolution into greatness.

Memorial Masters
The following work was designed for Memorial Masters. A long established business the company was looking to update their existing logo with a tradition yet modern feel. Design was made to be subtle to reflect the tone and practice of the business.

Pitbull Syndicate
The following work is a brand new logo designed for Pitbull Syndicate. Pitbull Syndicate is standalone project and does not use any third party sources. In this project notions such as chain formations were in use inspired by celtic design motif. The logo is a original piece and unique. The shape and smooth curves were made to give a subtle yet piercing look with the pointed ears designed to look as horns.

Command House Clothing
The following work is a logo designed for Command House Clothing. Command House Clothing is a London based fashion house, which is involved with retail.

CHC Studio Lab
Designed for CHC Studio Lab in London. Every journey has a beginning or someone that was inspirational to that beginning. The CHC logo represents the original spark behind the company in the form of female figure whom is the figurehead of our brand and philosophy. To be independent and strong yet beautiful and graceful the CHC logo is a representation of our core values. Our ideas just like our art is confident and unapologetic in its originality which the CHC logo illustrates perfectly in its depiction.

Concord Dry Cleaners

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