At the heart of what we do and beleive is making design and digital communication better. We do this by collaborating with our clients to develop innovative products and services that ultimately improve their standing. As the digital environment continues to change, our clients are faced with new and complex challenges. Meeting evolving client needs requires that we put clients at the center of all that we do. Our mission and values guide us in how we make a difference to our clients through our products and services, and through our talent, each and everyday. 



CHC’s history is rooted in innovation and efficiency.When Gillo a commercial artist and management scientist, and Orchard a retail consultant, founded CHC it was from a desire to create a unique clothing brand that produced fresh and innovative designs. As interest in Gillo and Orchard's innovative designs grew they took a decision to expand the companies core competences to manufacturer and produce products and communication services in addition to designing them. The companies goal was to provide a comprehensive design house that would provide its clients specific services catered to their own unique requirements. 

Company growth is based on an unparalleled variety of high-quality products and services that create cost-effective solutions for our partners and clients-which we achieve through the dedication of our leadership team. 

The spirit of bringing originality and innovation to design began with Gillo and Orchard when they founded the company and it continues today. CHC is well-positioned today to continue to produce new innovative design projects both domestically and internationally. 



Highlights of important events in CHC's history


The original design concept for CHC took its inspiration from a university enterprise project. 


First office was originally set up at Dalton House in Wimbledon before moving to our current location in North London. 


Exciting times were ahead for CHC in 2012 with the launch of ecommerce website  


Opening of the first Blue Caffe franchise. Project design and conceptualisation to implementation in less than 7 months.   


Capping off a very busy year a decision was made to focus all design efforts inhouse with the creation of CHC Studio Lab.