We believe talent is essential to our success, and are proud to have some of the most talented creatives in the industry. Since Gillo and Orchard co-founded CHC, many bright, creative designers and problem-solvers have joined the team. 

As we enter our 6th year in business, our talented team continues to expand as we accomplish our mission of designing great products and services for our growing base of customers. Driven by that mission, our team uses a set of six core values to guide our decisions and innovation on a daily basis;


  1. Create Remarkable Experiences: 

    Anyone can say they're remarkable. But how many companies will, say, knock your socks off with their customer service and then send you a new pair of socks in the mail?

    That's the kind of thing CHC does. We know our customers' names and we're here with personalised support.

  2. Execute With Passion: 

    The key to creating remarkable experiences is our passion to drive and deliver results. Once we commit to an idea or task, our team plans and executes with passion. Providing fantastic service and support is not something we take lightly, it's what compels us to get up in the morning and make a difference.

    CHC's clients are focused on growing their businesses and providing value to their own customers. We strive to provide them with the best designs to achieve just that.

  3. Foster Respect & Cooperation: 

    At its core, CHC is a family. A warm, fuzzy family. But how does a work team feel like a family?

    It's all in our culture of respect and cooperation. It doesn't come from policy, it comes from treating people like people ‐ the way we all should be treated. Teams openly collaborate to solve problems, and we all work together to make our service the best it can be.

    Our totally open workspace helps the collaboration along. We're not just the anti-cubicle office. We're the anti-office-door office where everyone is accessible.

  4. Listen to What People Say About Us. Invite Feedback: 

    You can't run a helpful company in a vacuum. That's why feedback is so important to us - internally and externally.

    Our internal suggestion boards and team surveys probably have a little bit to do with that.

    Client feedback is just as important to us. Our user experience team is continually using our clients' suggestions to upgrade our service.

  5. Learn, Educate, Innovate: 

    We encourage team members to keep learning by attending events and conferences or continuing formal education in their field.

    We're all about educating our clients, too. We want your designs to be the best it can be, because when your business succeeds, we succeed too. We share all the advice we've learned in blog posts, webinars and guides - plus, we host monthly educational meetups at our headquarters.

  6. Dont Take Ourselves Seriously. Have Fun: 

    As serious as we are about our service, we seriously enjoy every minute of our work here. And we know how to have some serious fun.

    Sometimes we kick it old school with pinball and arcade games. Sometimes we flaunt our athletic sides with ping pong, foosball and basketball. Sometimes we shoot each other with Nerf guns.

    It's all about loving what you do and having fun while doing it.